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Projects that I have started or provided code updates and recommendations.

Personal Projects

  • Scapy-com Fork: a fork of Scapy-com with updates for Dot15d4 layer specifically associated with ZigBee functionality
  • GRC Bit Converter: python scripts to assist with analyzing bit streams, captured using GnuRadio-Companion, and identifying data packets.
  • KillerBee: ZigBee assessment tool. I have provided some updates and recommendations to this project.

InGuardians Projects

The following projects were developed during my time at InGuardians. These are maintained by InGuardians, but ping me if you have questions.

  • Blog Posts for InGuardians:
  • InGuardians' OptiGuard: a python-based framework for interacting with C12 interfaces. Primarily used to interact with Smart Meters, but can be used with anything that communications using the C12 protocol. The menu and layout is a bit clunky but it works very well and is extensible.
  • InGuardians' Sparring Board: a shield for Raspberry Pi v1/2. My first embedded development project.
  • Process Nmap Scans: scripts that will parse Nmap XML files and generate target lists for future efforts. Target lists work well for importing into Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing tools. Also outputs in color coded HTML format to provide a visual understanding of listening services.
  • Process Memory Blob: scripts to process blobs of data extracted from anything, specifically embedded devices.
  • JBoss Status Parser: A script to parse the JBoss status page for IP addresses, domain names, and request information over time. This data is stored in a python dictionary and printed as parsed data for easy reference. This is great for monitoring status pages for sensitive information leakage.